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Please be sure to read all of this simple and brief policy, as you must agree to these terms to be able to download. Please do not break my simple policy may I mind you now that these rules also applies to my RL policy. My Items are meant for personal uses and shall not be modified under any circumstances if there is anything wrong with one or several of my files please contact me through comment or PM (Private messaging through Dreamwidth.)

General Policy:

-Do not Claim my work as your own.

-Do not modify anything I make.

-No Requests

-Do not fix or use any part of my creations.

TS3 Policy:

-Do not Redistribute my things.

-You can include my content in your Sims Packages.

-Please credit me when you use my things in your packages.

-Do include not my content in your rar. zip. ect. link directly to the correct post on my site.

-Any Questions or Complaints you can reach me by PM here on LJ or Comments (You do not need an account to comment on this community.)

Suggestive Links:

Some of these links are not accurate or might not be available so please do not comment for the right links, these are meant as credit no resources.

Anubis360: His site is wonderful for all types of genre for your Sim needs, un-pixelated textures very crisp details.

Darko Sims: Very elegant styled clothing, the textures are detailed and un-pixelated while in-game, I really suggest this site for fashion needs.

Liana Sims 3: Now she has been around since Sims 2 her textures are the finest out there although some of her stuff is donation, I still rather buy them because they look like actual real life clothing.

TumTum: His style is so unique, you can find fixes as well as conversions of hair and other objects there, I suggest him as well as Anubis360.

Mod The Sims 3 Section
: Now this is where all different people that enjoy making Sims 3 Content gather here and show their skills.

Raonjena Sims: Her hair is very lovely and low poly for people with slow games, even though some stuff their are low detailed they can still be used in game without a hassle.

PeggyZone: Very Unique Hair and detailed as well. Some things are pay (the good hair is), but you can find it free at booty or Sims Cave.

TSR (The Sims Resource): No no NO! This site puts trojan viruses in their files to track users about what their doing with their content, they also can and will send a virus through trojans also stalking you. I will never use this site.

CX Cazy Sims: Original Hair for Sims 2 & 3, also some conversions from Coolsims.net.

Contact Information:

If you need to contact me because of problems with content, site, links, ect. Contact me with the following information:

1: Name (Last Name not needed) and email information for contact.
2: How did you experience the problem.
3: Where/When did you experience the problem.
4: Describe your problem.

Send the email to this email jaxsims3@hotmail.com

TSR Information:

This is information for the Sims Resource administrators just in case they decide to cause trouble for me and dreamwidth. The following is a "legal" statement from my license that is up to date.

1. All content created by Jax/Matthew Dewayne (http://jaxsims.dreamwidth.org/, are produced independently and are meant for personal uses not derived work. Jax Sims holds copyright and intellectual property rights over the original creations or stated otherwise by the site administrator. Any person, group, or company is forbidden to publish, transmit, modify, or upload our files without the previous and original statement of consent from http://jaxsims.dreamwidth.org/.

2. Any person, group, company that violates the legal documentation from http://jaxsims.dreamwidth.org/ must stop the illegal violation immediately and eliminate the files/ content immediately.

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