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The past few days I have been working on different variates of downloads to post XD. Although school starts for me next week, I am trying to get ideas out before the busy week starts. Before I go into details on what I have been working on, I would like to take a minute to inform everyone that a while ago I have updated the sticky post with a little description of the sites authorization and details about the things that are important. The Sims Resource as some of you might know holds in-accurate policies and information in other words what they plead of doing in their TOU (Terms of Usage). So to protect the community I posted up a few words from my legal license documentation from my lawyer which was sent  8/02/10. I will post Sims resource content and such but the legal words I have posted explain my authorization. What I post here is independent and only to be used for personal uses not commercial uses.

Well enough of the legal stuff XD lets get on with the upcoming downloads.

Well, instead of uploading 1 at a time I'm going to upload 4 at a time now (depends on what I have done at the moment.) as always the updates which shows all I have uploaded will display the direct link to the post so you won't have to scroll all over the page to find it...

I am finished with this download of peggyzone's sims 3 hair for female...

it should be done with later today and uploaded with the rest of everthing... 2 eyes 2 hair sets. XD
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